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Supernatural Creature M!A List (Feel free to add your own!)

Muse says yes to an Angel for two days. If muse is an Angel, they are banished from their vessel for two days and the vessel is all that's left.
Demon possesses muse for two days.
Muse is a ghost for the next four hours and tries to get anyone's attention they can.
Muse has ingested vampire blood! The cure is coming in six hours, but now the muse has to hold out on drinking blood to complete the transition for it to work.
Muse is now a shifter, but can't control their shifts! They change physical forms after every ten posts; lasts 2 hours.
A Leviathan has forced your muse into hiding and now is taking their place for the next six hours. Your muse is allowed to call for help, but can't help themselves.
Death feels your muse needs to learn a lesson about death and has made them a reaper for the next 24 hours. They have a guide who leads them and shows them everything, the only problem is that Death forgot to add the 'invisibility' part of being a Reaper- oops! So, the muse, while reaping souls can still be seen and heard by other.
Muse is now a skinwalker and shifts back and forth between animal and human form uncontrollably for the next twelve hours. (Anon decides what animal)
Demon Blood:
Muse ingested demon blood and now has a psychic ability, but it hurts them physically when they use it. (Anon decides what ability and how long).
Muse is now a witch for 3 hours, but can they get their spells right? Not with only three hours to practice!

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